Calcium chloride are inorganic compounds with the chemical formula CaCl2(H2O)x, where x = 0, 1, 2, 4, and 6. All of these salts are a highly soluble in water. They are mainly used for deicing and dust control. Because the anhydrous salt is hygroscopic, it is used as a desiccant. It can be used as snow-melting agent in roads, highways, park, airport, golf course in winter and water treatment as stabilizer.

Calcium Chloride

  • 1. Used as snow-melting agent in roads, highways, park, airport, golf course in winter.

    2. Oil drilling, well drilling operating fluid, completion fluid.
    3.Petrochemical engineering dehydration fluid.
    4.Dust proof in roads, mining area and so on.
    5. Construction industry early strength agent, enhance concrete strength, product coating coagulator.
    6. Used as moisture proof drying agent, drying medium between gas and liquid in processing.  
    7. Rubber industry latex coagulating agent.
    8. Ferrous metallurgy industry used as chlorinating agent and additive.
    9. Paper industry used as additive waste paper deinking agent.
    10. Chemical industry used as inorganic chemical material sulfate radical desorption agent, sodium alginate coagulator.
    11. Refrigeration industry used as refrigerating cycle mediator.
    12. Antiseptic for wheat, apple, Chinese cabbage and food antiseptic.
    13. Used in dye and printing and dyeing industry.
    14. Widely use in water treatment such as swimming pool, water system,industry water system to treat as stabilizer