Use as an intermediate, as a processing aid, as pH-regulator, in fillers, in putties, in mortar, in adhesives, in sealants, in glass, in ceramics, in fertilizers, in washing and cleaning products, public domain, in washing and cleaning products, health services. Printing and reproduction of recorded media. Leather tanning, dye, finishing, impregnation and care products.

Calcium Formate

  • Calcium Formate is an additive designed to significantly improve the qualities and properties of tile adhesives. As an additive it prolongs open time, improves adhesions and is a highly efficient strength accelerator which is of importance for tile mortars where you need acceleration and low skin formation. Even improves water stability, pliability and homogeneity. Calcium Formate also used in concrete - acceleration and improves water stability and leather tanning. Other names: Formiato de Calcio

  • 25Kg/Bag