Chelate for Cement: fixed amount of sodium gluconate in cement, then make the concrete strong and random. It can be delay the first time and the last time for solidity.

Medicine Industry: adjust the body acid-base balance to restore the normal nerve. For the same purpose apply to food additives.

Cleaning Agent for Steel Surface: the steel surface must be exacting cleaning before plate Bo, Cr, Sn, Ni, then it can be integrated well. Now the sodium gluconate plays a very important effect.

Special Cleaning Agent for Glass Bottle: main ingredient is sodium gluconate, this cleaning agent can improve those problems: can’t remove dirty directly. Block the nozzle and the pipeline. Residue after washing is not ideal edible security, after wash water caused public nuisance.

Painting and Film Industry

Food Industry: produce additive prevent low sodium

Sodium gluconate

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  • 25kg bag - 24MT per 1 container 20' FCL


    Minimum Order Quanitity: 24MT