Tributyl tetradecyl phosphonium chloride TTPC is a new generation active ingredient which has many advantages over traditional industrial biocides and has been used worldwide in water treatment applications. 

Tributyl Tetradecyl Phosphonium Chloride (TTPC)

  • Spectral activity,against aerobic bacteria (including Legionella), anaerobic bacteria, algae and fungi have high activity.


    • Good environmental profile, At the general level of use, it is compatible with other water treatment additives commonly found in water systems.
    • Cost-effective, low-concentration APT350 is effective against most biological races.
    • With good usability, the Bell acid 350 is easily mixed with water and is not affected by the pH of the system and is not easily degraded by ultraviolet light.
    • Good cleaning, excellent bactericidal activity, high surface activity and low foaming properties make the APT350 especially suitable for cleaning the cooling water system contaminated by microbial sludge.